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Meet Dr. Vogt-Foster

Ryan Vogt-Foster, MSW, LCSW


Ryan Vogt-Foster, MSW, LCSW, has been delivering services for social service and mental health agencies for the past 11 years. Ryan Vogt-Foster has worked with at-risk children and families in various agencies. Ryan Vogt-Foster has worked in the capacity of a clinician in a Mental Health Center in the local Dearborn County community. While there Ryan assessed and diagnosed clients established appropriate levels of care and created treatment plans utilizing various treatment modalities.

Dr. Vogt-Foster

Ryan Vogt-Foster also worked in the capacity of Department of Children’s Services Liaison for the Community Mental Health Center ensuring fidelity to treatment as well as improving client engagement and outcomes in treatment. Ryan Vogt-Foster has provided counseling for the Dearborn County DCS/ Probation Departments through Whitner Counseling LLC. Ryan has been a managing member and co-owner of Bridges Counseling, LLC since it opened on July 1, 2015. She has the experience and knowledge to provide complete services for individuals adolescents and their families.

Working Relationships

Ryan has maintained a positive and professional working relationship with the Department of Children’s Services, Probation Department, Community Mental Health Centers as well as a multitude of community stakeholders for the past 11 years.


Ryan Vogt-Foster earned her MSW from the University of Kentucky and her BSW from Northern Kentucky University.


Ryan is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (License #253742) in the state of Kentucky additionally Ryan maintains licensure in the state of Indiana as well (License # 33006349A) and is an active member in good standing with the NASW (member ID 886644898).